A bespoke home extension in Northamptonshire, with cedar cladding
Are you looking to expand your living space? Let Liberty Design and Build transform your home with our exceptional home extension services
Home extensions in Northamptonshire

Experienced and reliable builders in Northamptonshire, providing home extension services across the county including Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough, Burton Latimer, Rushden, Higham Ferrers, Finedon, Irchester, Wollaston, Irthingborough, Earls Barton, Raunds, Thrapston, Oundle, Corby, Desborough and Rothwell.

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Home extensions

Adding value to your home

Whatever your situation, whether you are accommodating changing needs of your family or adding a home office or gym, extending your property can add considerable value to your home. Talk to us on 01933 716018 or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you

Extending your home

  1. “My family is growing and we need an extra bedroom”
  2. “I’m working from home, but don’t have a dedicated work space in the house”
  3. “I’d really like a home gym”
  4. “We need more space our current home, we really like our house, the area and don’t want the hassle and stress of house hunting”
  5. “My wife is a wheelchair user and current configuration of rooms in your home is not working for us”

Adding an extension to your home could be the answer !

Are you looking to expand your living space? Let Liberty Design and Build transform your home with our exceptional home extension services

Types of home extension

  • Single storey extension
  • Rear extension
  • Side return extension
  • Double storey extension
  • Wrap around extension
  • Over-structure extension
Two images of progress on a double storey extension in Wollaston. One showing framework, another finished blockwork, roof and windows installed

Single storey extension

Extending your home on one level, usually to the rear or side of the property ( sometimes both see wraparound extensions ).
A popular choice for kitchen extensions, often creating an open plan kitchen / diner, opening up your kitchen and improving your connection to the outdoor space at the rear of the property.

  • Kitchen / diner
  • Dining room
  • Additional bedroom
  • Home office
  • Playroom
  • Utility room

Double storey extension

Extend outwards and upwards ! Double multi-storey extensions are most commonly utilised to provide an extra bedroom or bathroom above a kitchen extension.

Side return extension

Also known as “side infills”. Extending outwards to include the full width of your property. Contructing a side return extension, ie. utilising the dead space at the side of your home, possibly an alleyway, path, patio could result in a considerably bigger kitchen, especially if there is available space on both sides of the property.

Rear extension

Extending your home outwards at the back of the property, into an existing garden, courtyard or patio space with a seemless transistion between indoor and outdoor spaces with the use of bifold doors.

Wrap around extension

A wrap around extension most commonly combines a side return extention with a rear extension, essentially forming an ‘L-shaped’ footprint.
However there are many other possibilities and permutations. If space allows, you could extend out the front and side, you could also combine multiple wraparound extensions, thus completely enclosing the original property.

Extending your property in this way is an opprtunity to really maximise the avalaibe light and space. It can result in significantly altered internal spaces, the creation of substantial open plan layouts, extended kitchen area, additional dining room and extra bedrooms.

Over-structure extensions

Over-structure extensions are built over the top of an existing structure, most commonly a garage, but sometimes a Bungalow or other single storey dwelling.

This type of extension will give you the benefit of adding an extra bathroom, home office or bedroom, whilst preserving your precious your garden space.

Other options for extending your Northamptonshire home

Cellar conversion

Cellars are a pretty common feature in Northamptonshire, particularly in Victorian properties in the larger towns – Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering and Rushden. Originally, they would have been used for storage – a cool space for keeping food, before the invention of domestic refrigeration. Many were used as workshops, especially for those who worked in the Boot & Shoe industry.

Dormer extension

A dormer extension could be the answer iff you have an unused space in your attic. A dormer consists of a roofed structure, often containing a window, that projects vertically beyond the plane of a pitched roof. Percfect for that extra bedroom, home office or child’s playroom.


Though not often though of as an extension per se, a porch can be exacatly that !
Defined as “a structure that is outside the main walls of a building or house” – A porch is essentially a small extension at the front, rear or side of the house. Sealed from the weather, porches can double up as a bootroom / cloakroom and even have lighting and electrical sockets.

Accessible Homes

You maybe living in an inaccessible home with a life-changing injury or disability. It can therefore be a struggle to do simple tasks that others take for granted. Problem areas may include :-

  • Steps up to the entrance of the property
  • No bathroom facilities on the ground floor
  • The internal doors are not wide enough
  • Inaccessible shower

A ground floor single story extension can accomodate a new accessible bathroom / wetroom and provide level access to exterior of the property.


  • Size of the extension
  • How will the roof work with the existing building?
  • Impact upon neighbours
  • Location of drains and other services
  • Additional excavations / foundations
  • Can my existing structure support another storey without the need for reinforcement ?
  • Planning permission

The experienced building team at Liberty design and build can help with all these queries. Call us on 01933 716018 or contact us via the contact form on this page, to discuss your project.

Garage floor, showing the application of our Epoxy self smoothing resin - LFS Epoxy SL

Home extensions

Are you looking to expand your living space? Let Liberty design and build transform your home with our exceptional home extension services. Single & double storey extensions, bungalow extensions & loft conversions, wrap around extensions

Newly primed concrete surface

Home conversions

Converting a part of your property is an excellent way to create more usable space and add value your home. You may want to extend upwards with a loft conversion, or downwards with a basement conversion or maybe you're considering  converting a barn or garage.

Finished warehouse flooring showing newly installed epoxy resin coating

New builds

We build quality new homes to suit all budgets. Our expert team can manage the whole process, from the initial drawings, through to design, groundworks, construction, building control to completion. We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of work and we always exceed our clients’ expectations.

A 3d model of a bespoke build in the Cambridgeshire countryside

Bespoke builds

Creating unique living spaces in Northamptonshire. Our bespoke builds are 100% designed around the requirements of you and your family. Starting with a blank canvas provides you with the opportunity to create something really inspiring.