Our work : Grand design

A “grand design” refers to any kind of deliberate plan of action. In politics, the term is usually used to mean an overarching strategy or a long-term plan. A grand design implies long-term thinking.

In the context of house building, the term has taken on a new meaning since the British television series broadcast on Channel 4 since 1999, presented by Kevin McCloud.

Kevin visits different dream home building project sites and works on them right from the blueprints to their completion stage

Case studies
Paragraph 80 – Cambridgeshire

Paragraph 80 – Cambridgeshire

Paragraph 80 development, Cambridegshire. Paragraph 80 is an exception in the planning system that allows the construction of new houses in the countryside. You will be required to justify that your proposal meets the stringent requirements set out in Paragraph 80 in...

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